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The Other Side of Through...True Love


In this book JaNeice Gilbert shows us how the topic of Love is necessary to help us to live a life according to God’s Word and to fulfill His plan for our lives.  We can only truly understand real love once we understand God’s Love for us. When we understand the fundamentals of Love, Grace, and Forgiveness, which are essential elements of a life in Christ, and through the forgiveness of sin, we are made whole.

This book shows us that when we do things in our own strength rather than follow the principles that are laid out according to the Word of God and a life indicative of a love relationship with God, we will never walk in our divine purpose with joy, real contentment, and Perfect Love.

I Prophecy Love


​Coming 2017...

Book Review Comments...

"From time to time when you struggle with sin you get down in the dumps. Satan has a special ability to cause you to feel shame and discouragement in your walk with God. That is when it is time to read a book like this. From the heart of a person who has really been hurt in all different ways the author appeals to the worst of us and says that there is love and forgiveness in Christ and His Love."


Prophetess Marcia Shannon



"If you think you have sinned too much for God to love you, and you have suffered from the pain and sadness of sin, well this story will warm your heart as you see someone go though every form of sin you can think of and then emerge as a worship leader of a church. This is a true story without any shame and without an polite holding things back for the sake of the reader. This is a REAL story."


Matthew R. Payne