Housing Assistance


Housing Solutions for Stafford County Community - Coming Soon


Housing that is safe, stable, affordable and near schools, work and community amenities helps children succeed in school, adults advance in careers, seniors stay engaged, and communities remain enjoyable.


Unfortunately, Stafford County’s high cost of housing forces many individuals and families to live in cramped or chaotic conditions, suffer long commutes and heavy traffic, or pay so much for housing they cannot afford quality child care, set aside money for emergencies, or save for college or retirement. Population trends show young adults and senior citizens are moving away, denying communities of youthful vibrancy, volunteer leadership and economic strength.


Anuually, our housing programs can assist with grants for transitional housing, first month's rent & deposit, during the winter months.  Applicants must apply  between July 1st - September 30th to receive temporary support services. The amount of the grant or rental support will be based on size of family and nature of need.  First come, first served. The above mentioned period is the only time applicants will be taken. 


We also have a program that will help support a family of 4 with an extreme emergency situations.  These housing programs are designed not just as a hand out, but a hand up.  While you are receiving assistance, you must enroll in one of our financial planning or skills trainging courses. (This is mandatory).


Our Goals

  • Increase the percent of households spending less than 30% of their income on housing

  • Prevent eviction and increase the financial security of Stafford County public housing residents

  • Demonstrate a resident-driven process for improving the safety, health and access to educational and employment opportunities in public housing neighborhoods

  • Increase access to jobs for homeless individuals and families transitioning to housing